Joint Entropy Search for Maximally-Informed Bayesian Optimization


Information-theoretic Bayesian optimization techniques have become popular for optimizing expensive-to-evaluate black-box functions due to their non-myopic qual- ities. Entropy Search and Predictive Entropy Search both consider the entropy over the optimum in the input space, while the recent Max-value Entropy Search consid- ers the entropy over the optimal value in the output space. We propose Joint Entropy Search (JES), a novel information-theoretic acquisition function that considers an entirely new quantity, namely the entropy over the joint optimal probability density over both input and output space. To incorporate this information, we consider the reduction in entropy from conditioning on fantasized optimal input/output pairs. The resulting approach primarily relies on standard GP machinery and removes complex approximations typically associated with information-theoretic methods. With minimal computational overhead, JES shows superior decision-making, and yields state-of-the-art performance for information-theoretic approaches across a wide suite of tasks. As a light-weight approach with superior results, JES provides a new go-to acquisition function for Bayesian optimization.

36th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2022.